Trenholm Artists Guild “Rotating Exhibit” Guidelines

Exhibiting artists must be members of TAG.

A facilitator for each exhibit establishes with the hosting organization the dates and times for TAG members to deliver or remove their entries. Artwork MUST remain for the duration of the exhibit.

The facilitator oversees hanging the show and provides the host a list of the participating artists and pieces. Changes in the exhibits MUST be pre-arranged with the facilitator.

– Paintings MUST be dry, suitably framed, and ready for hanging.
– Two-dimensional pieces must be fastened securely in the frame/glass without moving.
– Large pieces should be protected with Plexiglas rather than glass.
– Hanging wire must use d-rings or screw eyes for wood frames and manufacturer-supplied clips for metal frames.
– Wire should be strung so that it is taut, positioned approximately 1⁄4 of the distance from top to bottom, and correct length so that the hanger does not show above the top of the piece.

Size of Artworks

The exhibit facilitator must exercise judgment to maximize the exhibit space and may limit the number or size of pieces to include.

Display Tags

Each item in TAG-sponsored exhibits MUST be tagged with a display card. The exhibit facilitator will have display tags for artists to fill in. It is recommended that the artist write on the back of each piece his/her name, contact information, piece name, medium, and price.



Artwork entered and displayed may be removed with permission of the exhibit facilitator. Unless other arrangements are made, payment is to be made to the artist for the purchase price plus sales tax. Artists are responsible for paying a ten percent commission to TAG. Additional commission may be required of the venue. Some venues may charge an additional fee.

Types of Artwork

Some facilities are not equipped to display items such as three-dimensional woodwork, weavings, or pottery on pedestals. Discretion is advised on items that may be easily stolen. The exhibits typically are for professional two-dimensional artwork. At the discretion of the exhibit facilitator in concert with the host facility, accurately labeled fine-art prints may be included in the exhibit.

Hold Harmless

Submission of work is acknowledgement that participants hold harmless TAG, sponsoring and participating organizations, their directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of or in conjunction with participation.